Start document for establishing a new participation fund

April 2013

IndigoBlue Consult has written a basic document on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in preparation for the establishment of a sports participation fund.

As a result of the financial crisis situation, Curaçao society is faced with a series of measures of which the consequences can be felt immediately. The fact is that these measures are hitting some population groups harder, simply because these groups are already in a marginal position. The government wants to ease the situation somewhat by means of flanking policy. One of the components of the accompanying policy is the establishment of a fund with which applications from private organizations and target groups that occupy a socially weaker position in society can be dealt with quickly. In the coalition agreement of the current government, Akuerdo di Gobernashon 2012 – 2016, this fund is included as a priority of the Ministry of Finance. The fund has been given the name Fondo pa Deporte i Responsabilidat Sosial (FDRS) and will focus on poverty reduction, with particular attention being paid to the youth target group. This basic document describes the background, content and structure of the fund in more detail.