Research connection education and labor market

October 2012

IndigoBlue Consult has provided research support to the Kenniscentrum Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven in identifying the connection between Curaçao vocational education and the labor market.

The connection between education and the labor market is not optimal in Curaçao. The high (youth)unemployment rate confirms this, as well as an observed mismatch between supply and demand with regard to work. With this research more information has been collected about the quantity, quality and efficiency of vocational education (SBO) in Curaçao. On behalf of KBB, IndigoBlue Consult has set up an exploratory study in which a combination of research methods, both qualitative and quantitative, was chosen, consisting of desk research, surveys and focus group discussions. Three different target groups have been distinguished,
to illuminate the situation from different points of view: employers / industry, SBO institutions and (ex) students from the SBO.

Download the research report here.