IndigoBlue Consult can be characterized by four important values:

Big Picture Approach

IndigoBlue looks at questions and challenges from a holistic / system view and takes different perspectives of all relevant entities and/or persons into account. By using strong analytical skills, connecting different actors across silos and using an empathetic approach IndigoBlue can align structures, goals and strategies, assure mutually reinforcing transformations and come up with concrete and acceptable possibilities and opportunities that have much more chances to succeed.

Collective Impact

Too many organizations are working in isolation from each other. IndigoBlue strongly believes in bringing people together in a structured way to achieve change and create lasting solutions. This can be done by coordinating all efforts and work together around a clearly defined common goal. The principles of Collective Impact are: a common agenda, shared measurements to track progress and strive for continuous improvement, fostering mutually reinforcing activities to maximize the end results and encouraging continuous communication to build trust and relationships among all actors.

Cooperative Thinking

IndigoBlue strongly believes in the value of collaboration and cooperation which is reflected in both modus operandi as in concrete deliverables. IndigoBlue has the ability to describe, recognize, decompose problems and solve them in teams in a socially sustainable way. IndigoBlue promotes and supports cooperative initiatives as they stimulate and support actors in active participation, ownership and sharing benefits.

Social Awareness and Community Development

IndigoBlue takes responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on all aspects of society, the community and the environment. IndigoBlue wants to contribute to the health and welfare of society, operating transparently and ethically. IndigoBlue consciously chooses to support and assist in projects and activities that stimulate Community Development in a positive way by: having positive impact in the community, supporting public value outcomes, being an employer of choice, encouraging professional and personal development and enhancing relationships with clients.