Cost calculation for after school activities in Curaçao

October 2013

Following the example of childcare, IndigoBlue Consult has also carried out a cost calculation for after-school education in Curaçao.

Some years ago, development was initiated on Curaçao to improve the quality of childcare for 0 – 4 year olds. An island ordinance specifies the minimum quality requirements the government requires of childcare facilities. An important consequence of the introduction of quality requirements is the increase in costs. Improved facilities, a responsible pedagogical approach and higher training requirements of the staff influence the cost price. In order to establish this, the Curaçao government commissioned IndigoBlue Consult in 2010 to carry out a cost-calculation study for childcare. Immediately after the completion of this study, the need was expressed to conduct a similar study for after-school education. Prior to a cost-price study after-school education, a policy development process was started because after-school care policy is outdated and has not yet been included in the legal framework. In addition, a start has been made on the cost price calculation process.

Download the results of the study