Preliminary investigation of the Caracasbaaiweg bottlenecks

April 2011

IndigoBlue consult carries out preliminary research to collect data for the development of a new vision on the approach to solve traffic problems Caracasbaaiweg.

The strong increase in the past 15 years of housing, tourist projects and the creation of a large recreational area, in and around the areas Caracasbaai, Jan Thiel, Brakkeput, Cas Grandi, Jan Sofat, Bottelier, Zuurzak and the surrounding area has resulted in increasing mobility and traffic pressure on the Caracasbaaiweg. The increasing mobility and traffic pressure versus the limited processing capacity has adverse effects on the flow and settlement of traffic on Caracasbaaiweg. In order to formulate concrete for improving the situation in the future, the Curaçao government is having traffic research carried out. The total research consists of four phases: 1) the preliminary research phase, aimed at collecting relevant research data, 2) the analysis phase, in which the preliminary research data is considered, 2) the phase in which a development vision is developed, resulting in various scenarios and 4 ) the final phase in which concrete solutions are presented. IndigoBlue Consult carried out the complete preliminary research consisting of a household survey, street interviews, origin-destination research and desk research.

Download the results of the research here.