Exploration Urbanismo Social

October 2011

Elly Hellings taught Community Development at the University of Curacao, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences and in this context, in collaboration with the Faculty of Technical Sciences, analyzed the application possibilities of the Urbanismo Social concept in Curacao.

Urbanismo Social is a concept of urban development developed in Medellin in which explicit attention is paid to both infrastructural and social aspects in order to improve the quality of life at neighborhood and urban level. The effects of this approach in Medellin are significant: crime has decreased dramatically, feelings of security have increased, connections have been made between the suburbs and the center through the construction of metros and funiculars, and well-equipped educational facilities are realised. such as libraries and community centers. The application possibilities for Curaçao were analyzed by means of study trips, exchanges between professionals and students and workshops. Elly Hellings wrote a background article about this topic in the Antillean Newspaper and the digital journal Archined.

You can download the article in Antillean Newspaper and read the article on Archined here.