Customer satisfaction survey Court of Guardianship BES

May 2020

To improve the service to clients, the Court of Guardianship regularly conducts customer satisfactory research. In 2019 IndigoBlue and MGL Research have held in-depth interviews with 60 clients on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

In recent years, the BES Court of Guardianship has professionalized. Working method and processes have been adapted to work more customer-oriented. The fact that most customers do not voluntarily qualify with the Court of Guardianship often determines the experience of the contact. The Guardianship Council considers it important to give customers the opportunity to provide feedback, to share their experiences and to be able to express complaints. The intention is to work on the trust and image of the Guardianship Council. As a result, a customer satisfaction survey was conducted, in which the results provide insight into the perception and experience of the customers. Due to Covid-19 measurements the interviews were conducted by telephone.