Curaçao Doughnut Economy

October 2020

IndigoBlue forms part of the strategic core group Curaçao Doughnut Economy, a think-and-do-tank to explore and use the Doughnut Economy as a tool for nationwide transformative action on the island.

In March 2020 Cinqo Consultancy initiated a bottom up movement in Curaçao, inspired by the world’s first city doughnut that Kate Raworth made for Amsterdam. The purpose of Curaçao Doughnut Economy is to create the world’s first island doughnut and become a thriving nation. Sharnon Isenia has joined the movement, is part of the strategic core team and supports the preparation of presentations, policy documents and workshops.

Read more about this initiative in a background article of Juan Carlos Goilo.

Download the final document here.